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Wizadora, we still adore her!


Wizadora was a live-action/puppet Children's Television series that was broadcast on ITV from 1993 to 1998. However, it was first used as a language teaching tool by Oxford University in 1991, for German children to learn the English language. The series was created by Don Arioli and Carolyne Cullum and was filmed by Meridian Broadcasting.

The episodes all took place in or around Wizadora's cottage, sometimes Stan's Shop was also seen (more so in later series).

Many Puppeteers worked on the show such as Phil EasonFrancis WrightMike BaylissSue DacreDon AustenBrian HerringNeil SterenbergDebbie Cumming and Sheila Clark. 

Wizadora -  Wizadora is a trainee wizard who is always trying to solve problems using magic. She is (it seems) the most sensible out of all of her friends and it's usually her who saves the day with a spell to put things right. Wizadora would often break the "fourth wall" & address the audience.    

The other character's were;

Tatty Bogle - A dim-witted scarecrow who lives in Wizadora's garden and continually gets his words muddled up.

Stan the Shopkeeper - Who regularly takes orders of new magical catalogue items.

Pippa the Postwoman - Who delivered the magic catalogue items ordered by Stan.

Top, Sticky and Bottom - Three talking drawer people, who would generally cause mischief in the kitchen.

Phoebe - A talking telephone with a thick Scottish accent, she was pink in Series One, but in later episodes she was orange.

Filbert - A squeaking vegetable & a fellow trainee wizard, he is also regularly seen gardening and has a half-brother called Tarquin. 

Dog Doormat - A barking doormat.

Hangle - A purple coat hanger (but who insists on calling himself a "cloak hanger") with a crude sense of humour. He wore a yellow rain coat, purple glasses and had a purple mustache.  

Very Old Fish - A cryptic talking fish, who tells lots of old stories.

Poot - Wizadora's computer, who was originally just a voice and would appear as a flashing screen on the wall next to the oven. In later episodes she appeared as a talking face, similar to Holly from Sci-Fi sitcom Red Dwarf.

Nigel the Snail - Very Old Fish's friend.

The Crows - Two crows which cause mayhem for Tatty Bogle in the garden.

Roxy - A quite friendly talking spider.

Dusty - A creature who lives under the fridge, he has a very loud operatic voice and is usually sleeping. 

Repeat Broadcasts. 

As soon as the show finished, CITV started repeating it right from the beginning, these lasted until 2000. For a short time it was seen on Living's TV's morning slot "Tiny Living", until it was replaced by Living 2 and one episode was shown on the CITV Channel in 2013, as part of a special weekend celebrating CITV's 30th Anniversary. Episodes have now been uploaded to YouTube and have had millions of views.  

Theme Tune.

The famous theme song was composed by Dave Hutton who was also the Senior Cameraman for the first four series, it was recorded at Gordon Thrussell's studios at Ashford in Kent. On the end credits it say's the music was made by "Hutt and Thrust", this was because the director David Crozier did not want the same name for two different credits on the programme. 


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